Clearly Chiro is a program developed by Get Clear Consulting after years of working with Evidence-based chiropractors.
We wanted to make sure we were able to target specific needs that you are facing when growing your practice.

We've started the Clearly Chiro Marketing plan to serve chiropractors by helping them get the best tools to help them reach more people through their online presence.

Jon Morrison and the Get Clear team started Clearly Chiro as the place to focus their tools they've designed to equip chiropractors with time-saving packages and tools they can use in their marketing.
If you're a chiropractor, Clearly Chiro is not another marketing company. It's a place to find resources that you need to do effective marketing.
Jon Morrison knows that marketing is almost always on the bottom of your "To-Do" list.
When your best work is in taking care of patients and your family, who wants to post on social media or write a blog.

Clearly Chiro is designed for those who want to enjoy life and you won't enjoy it doing marketing.

We've put together a team of copywriters, social media specialists, and web design experts who love to serve chiropractors.

We are excited to offer a "Done-For-You" service our chiropractic friends can use so that they can focus on the parts of the business they actually enjoy.

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