You know courses are powerful tools to establish your as an expert but don't have the time to put one together.
Imagine if you could buy three courses that you could use as a lead generator or even a revenue source for your practice.

We now offer courses for chiropractors who want to establish themselves as an expert in serving existing patients and winning over new ones.

Want to create a course but just don't have the time?

Here's an offer that will get you what you need right away.

Our Courses Are A Collaboration Of Input From The Following Brands

Why Are These Courses Perfect For The Evidence-Based Community?

They were made for you.
Content Is Designed By Leading Chiropractors
Content is based on the already successful content from Dr. Kevin Christie and supported by ChiroUp resources.
The Language Is Simple And Easy To Market
Each course combines elements of StoryBrand with conservative, patient-centric chiropractic care you can trust.
It's All Done For You And Yet Still Customizable
Courses are built on the Clinic Sites platform, the simplest website building software you'll ever use.

The Seven Benefits Of Having An Online Course

Watch Jon Morrison teach some of the ways to grow your practice when you offer a course.
Imagine how great it would be to offer an online course without having to spend months putting it all together yourself.
We've got excellent content, a clear presentation, and an easy-to-follow system for generating new patients through your courses.

Jon Morrison has teamed up with Dr. Kevin Christie to offer the evidence-based chiropractic community a three-course package that anyone can use to either collect emails or generate revenue with a course. 

When you purchase the course pack, you get full rights to our back pain, neck pain, and desk jockey courses. Once you add your own branding and maybe customize a little of your own content (optional), you're ready to start enrolling people into your new programs.

Purchase Your Course Pack

You Can Boost Your Online Presence, Become An Expert, And Get New Leads Overnight

Here's how you do it.
Purchase The Course Pack
You get three done-for-you courses that you'll have instant access to once you sign up.
Customize Your Content
Add your branding, some information, and change anything you like. It's super simple and you'll have support the whole way through.
Launch Your Courses
It's time to leverage your new resource to existing patients, new patients, your community, or browsers on your website.
For only $399 for set up and license with $40/mo for site hosting, security, and human technical support, here's what you get:
Lifetime license to three courses that have been proven to work.
A step-by-step guide for setting up your course and making it your own.
Human technical support if you ever need help.
Saving countless hours researching, writing, and building courses of your own.
The resource you need to get excited about your marketing again.
A product offering that doesn't demand you being in the office.
You know courses are hot right now. You've always wanted to do one but have never gotten around to it. So we just did it all for you.
Level up what you can offer your patients and your community by becoming the expert in three important discussions.

Buy the three-course pack today and start scaling your influence.

Buy Your Course Pack

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